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One of our Wal Marts had a few scanners and many registers with cashiers working them. Yesterday, our trip to Wal Mart we were surprised to of seen the reconstruction of Wal Mart. Most of the place no...... Read More
Posted by wendidawn with 50 comments

Oh my knee!

...... Read More
Posted by SouthernCharm with 36 comments

The "friend invite" that never came Let me count all the "friend invites" that I rejected Read More
Posted by OpinionNateTed with 19 comments

My legendary alcoholism

Sooo... I had a very interesting passenger today. I picked up a woman who right away began telling me her life story. This is pretty typical in my line of work, so I just listened, as I always do. She...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 19 comments

What Will Your Heaven Comprise Of, If It Was Up To You?

Recently, I asked the question to a top blogger curious to see if he can conduct a conversation outside of his vast range of research work that he posts in blogs and comments. He didn't respond...... Read More
Posted by Thewritertwo with 18 comments

Be amazed.

The photo is of moss on a log. Those little tiny things at the tip of the moss I think are spores that release 'seeds' to make more moss? Anyway. GG's sister called him yesterday. She...... Read More
Posted by LouieLouie with 18 comments

Dragons, Gremlins And A Stray Thought Or Two

Every time I'm tempted to weigh in on a topic that I have added to my off limits folder, I have to remind myself that it's never wise to meddle in the affairs of dragons. For all I know I mi...... Read More
Posted by ButteroseSherry with 16 comments

This weekend

There are traffic cameras in a very small community named Lindale. They're there to catch people who speed. I got a ticket in the mail today from the cameras. It's 125.00. I am so upset. ---...... Read More
Posted by MarissaG with 16 comments

I'm in shock, I'm even stunned! Yes, the Kmart store by me is closing.

I know some of you will say you haven't seen a Kmart store in years, but this store is almost as old as I am. It's been there since I was a kid. We went shopping there all the time and somet...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 15 comments

Do You Believe?

Something Dani (Southerncharm) said in my tribute post to Mamakat got me thinking about this. She said Mamakat and Bobbyboxtop are probably having a drink together and a good time up there where ever...... Read More
Posted by Maria with 14 comments

Scientific Idiocy

This story from FOXNEWS is what passes for science these days. You need to read this insanity. And you wonder why I do not believe in man made global warming as "proven' by science. Idiots...... Read More
Posted by ZenofKen with 12 comments

Abominations, Practices

Abominations, Practices: Genesis 43:32: So they served him by himself, and them by themselves, and the Egyptians who ate with him by themselves, because the Egyptians could not eat bread with the Heb...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 12 comments

I wrote this on FB today and thought Blogster needed this

This post is uncomfortable but I feel the need to say this, as I listen to the media ( all channels) I do not hear America's legislative body doing America's business. What I do hear is a ki...... Read More
Posted by tesstruhartz1 with 11 comments

A Short Survey

I'm running a survey. Do you think it's "racist" for a store to have an International Foods section? For instance, is it "racist" for them to present Jewish foods, an...... Read More
Posted by AmalaTsering with 10 comments

Car Show October 6, 2019 (Crap-Ton Of Pics)

So since I requested this day off, I got a car show in and a Packer game (which is not done yet, but they are ahead 31 to 17 vs. Cowboys. Gotta love a day requested and it just so happens to have two...... Read More
Posted by blogmom with 9 comments

l am really ashamed to admit it but .....

l am really ashamed to admit it but ..... l went out this morning to do some shopping. l had to go to the Post Office to post some airmail letters. There is always such a long queue so l thought l wo...... Read More
Posted by JaddieBlue with 9 comments

I've heavily redacted my site

It doesn't matter that I've removed my gems of content and your gems of commentary. I've got an endless supply of innovation and so do you. Right now my only other still-standing posts...... Read More
Posted by MisterCox with 8 comments

Monday musings and life

My walk was refreshing and got me ready for the day. While Fred and I were visiting elders my DIL texted me letting me know that her grandmother's husband passed away . 🙁 Hubby took me out to...... Read More
Posted by peacefulthinking with 8 comments


...... Read More
Posted by Oakie2012 with 8 comments

Did you know...

... That I teach at my church? LOL I have been blessed with teaching what I love best- Jesus and the Bible. Our church offers a 9 month course every year for anyone (member or not) on being a Christia...... Read More
Posted by Zoey-Mae with 8 comments

Mother's Light.

When it comes right down to it every person has to face the most painful events in their lives alone, I was 32- years old when I had to helplessly watch as leukemia drained the life from my mothers b...... Read More
Posted by rantshack with 8 comments

Partial Payment for Trump Towers Istanbul?

How many Kurds does it cost for Trump towers? Are adults valued less? Children...... Read More
Posted by jjohnson1957 with 6 comments

A Trump Protest I Can Support

Typical anti-Trump gatherings consist of screaming at the sky, crying, pussy hats, fart whistles and chants of "No Trump, No Wall, No USA At All"... but these little ballerinas decided do so...... Read More
Posted by MaxLiberty with 6 comments

Beto; Churches will lose tax status opposing gay marriage.

Beto; Churches will lose tax exemption if they oppose gay marriage Pam Key10 Oct 2019 During the broadcast of CNN’s town hall on LGBTQ issues on Thursday, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful fo...... Read More
Posted by us2nomads with 6 comments

A Moderate Point of View: Understanding the US/Kurdish Relationship and why the Turkish/Kurdish Conflict needs to be resolved! I

RESEARCH/PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: As the Turkish/Kurdish situation develops in Syria it is very important that we provide some more background on who the Kurds are and why this conflict between tw...... Read More
Posted by AMODPOVW with 6 comments

Something For Your Frightday

This is a photo post containing 4 photos... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 6 comments

More Chocolate Chip Cookies

One thing led to another...... Read More
Posted by bigfatdaddy with 6 comments

Olio, Salmagundi, Farrago, Whatever

Some of the many hallmarks of Modernity are hassle, inconvenience, incompetence, insensitivity and dehumanization. The most cherished "quality" of our liberal-defined culture is Stupidity...... Read More
Posted by retiredinaz with 5 comments


My Wife Kicked Me Out My wife kicked me out of the house because my Arnold Schwarzenegger impression was really bad. But don’t worry... I’ll return...... Read More
Posted by BrotherDocs with 5 comments

why those who truly love this country are in the streets protesting what trump and cohorts are doing to us

Ever since trump was elected, with plenty of evidence to support that he got elected because Russia wanted him elected and interfered with our election process, there have been protests of this admin...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 5 comments

Sammy Kershaw...Love Of My Life

Back. I'm back, and I'm back with a new (old) husband AND I won a little over 900, that's always a good thing. I won more than that but kept going. I thought I'd be a lot happier...... Read More
Posted by bluesonrisas with 4 comments

...and hello.....

...... Read More
Posted by Jollyonehere with 4 comments

Unmatched Wisdom

Unmatched Wisdom - When you claim you are a genius, then the only thing that is for sure, is that you have a fool for a client -...... Read More
Posted by udontsay with 3 comments

4 Seasons in Florida

The old joke goes that we have 4 seasons in South Florida: 1) early bird season (they go cheap, cheap) 2) snow bird season (the Yankees and French Canadians invade us) 3)hurricane/rainy season and 4)...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 2 comments

Selfishness & Anger Destroying USA. Six REAL NEWS ITEMS of importance to ALL USA'ers...

Dems & Repubs can agree on a few things...if they'll just make up their minds to do it. Use your heads people! Unrelenting Angers are destroyers; Grieve and go on... . The USA, the Greatest...... Read More
Posted by FedUpToHere with 2 comments

And the fight for EQUAL rights continues! Read More
Posted by GreatGayAuthor with 1 comments

¡Día Mundial de la Arquitectura! en Cajeme

El 7 de octubre se celebra el “Día Mundial de la Arquitectura: Vivienda para todos”proclamado por la asociación “Union Internationale des Architects” con sede en la ciudad de...... Read More
Posted by sanchezarchitecture with 1 comments

Happy Birthday Beatle John

...... Read More
Posted by iamtheeggman with 1 comments

Healthcare Website Development Company

The Indian healthcare industry has seen exponential development in the previous couple of years. Today, social insurance associations and specialists including emergency clinics, diagnostics focuses...... Read More
Posted by zinavo-com with 0 comments

Advantages of Utilizing Home Window Tinting Film

If you have windows in your home that open your personal privacy to the community after that you could consider acquiring home window film. There are several factors as well as advantages to utilizin...... Read More
Posted by topwindowfilm with 0 comments

es ist deine Hochzeit und Wahrscheinlich das einzige Mal in Ihrem Leben

"Tu was du willst, nicht was andere denken du solltest, wenn du keinen Kuchen willst, hast du keinen, wenn du einen verdammt großen Kuchen willst, denk daran Mekleid , es ist deine Hochzeit und W...... Read More
Posted by ekoeydeet with 0 comments

Aunt Annie, Clay McGonagill and the Old Sweet Home Cattlemen and Trail Drivers

Aunt Annie, Clay McGonagill and the Old Sweet Home Cattlemen and Trail Drivers Bernard Pyron Clay McGonagill (1879-1921) was a well known roper and steer rider of the early rodeo. He was so well know...... Read More
Posted by halfback with 0 comments

Fai copilului tau cadou un curs de dans ii poate schimba viata.

Când vine vorba despre copiii noștrii, vrem să le oferim tot ceea ce este mai bun pentru ei de la haine pana la cainele cel mai frumos si daca se poate si cea mai frumoasa camera. Pentru ca da, copi...... Read More
Posted by dominiczkew with 0 comments

Healthcare Website Development Company

The Indian healthcare industry has seen exponential development in the previous couple of years. Today, social insurance associations and specialists including emergency clinics, diagnostics focuses...... Read More
Posted by zinavotechnologie with 0 comments

Sunt mamica caut scoala de dans pentru copii

Daca sunteti in cautare de cursuri de dans pentru copii sau o scoala de dans pentru copii ar fi mai bine sa cititi patania mea mai intai apoi sa incercati sa nu repetati aceleasi greseli pe care le-am...... Read More
Posted by toneyrkwi with 0 comments

On A Nobel Prize For Literature Going To A Writer Named Peter Handke - Just Not What You Would Expect From The Nobel Prizes

John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE IN CHECKPOINT ASIA “Bombing of Serbia Disgusts Me”: Once Hounded Because of Serbs and Justice, Now the Nobel Winner Nobel literature prize winner...... Read More
Posted by chuckman with 0 comments

Silicone Rabbit Vibe

One of the earliest vibrators that ever came on the sex toy scene, the bullet vibrator is still a big favorite, thanks to its versatility as both a clitoral and a vaginal vibrator. It has everything a...... Read More
Posted by cunninghamrosales32ksrzj with 0 comments

West Facing House Plans: Rules And Regulations

A west facing house is a house with the main door facing west. Much the same as when planning some other house, you ought to keep a lot of rules and regulations when structuring this house by vastu c...... Read More
Posted by businessblogs with 0 comments

→ Dicas Infalíveis Pra Conquistar Um Homem De Libras

Amarração Gratis Acessível E RápidaA toda a hora brinco que não entendo por que as mulheres ainda não dominaram o mundo, tal a nossa perícia, potência, criatividade, porém bastou uma semana d...... Read More
Posted by bryanrodrigues with 0 comments

Basquete: Web site Triple-Double - IG

Rômulo Arantes Não Está Sozinho: Muitos Homens Não Se Casariam Com AnittaA primeira edição da 'Playboy' entrou em circulação no Brasil em 1975; na data a revista se chamava 'Hom...... Read More
Posted by antonioshippee with 0 comments


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